Thursday, August 13, 2009


She seems to be improving everyday but Sunday evening when I was feeding her I thought. "She looks weird, almost like her head was a rattle snake shape" So I looked closer and the left side of her face was HUGE! I rushed her to MMvet (again, poor thing) and they thought since she was in Wednesday and had puss coming out of her nose that it was part of the infection. But they were worried because usually infection is mushy and this was as hard as a rock. So they thought maybe a tumor or something. I was so upset, my gosh what else does she have to go through?
I took her back in early Monday morning to see a specialist and they wanted to poke it with a needle. I was a little reluctant because I do not want to do anything to upset her. But they did it and it was the same crap that is coming out of her nose, So they put her on ANOTHER antibiotic. She is on a slew of meds. Baytril, Zithromax, baby aspirin, Enolopril and Atenelol.
It was much better news than a tumor.
I am thinking this is all stemming from her chronic upper respiratory infection.
Well, I have been using a very warm cloth a ton on her cheek and got the hole to open back up . (forgive me, this is gross) But I got a TON of it to come out. I worked on it for 2 hours. I HAVE to get it out, they want to sedate her and I am NOT letting them do that. Not for being in heart failure a week ago. No wayyyy!
It is so thick and drains soooooo slow, but this morning I would say it has gone down 90%
I have been heating it up all day and cannot get it to open back up for the life of me, Blake thinks it is because there is not all of that pressure.
I am hoping the antibiotics kick in quick.
Today was the first day that Gigi was almost normal. Begging for food, meowing and back to her good ol' biscuit making. I have missed my baby!
I think she is going to be ok, I have not left the house (except to go to Culver's to get dinner with Blake and Gigi came with us. We ate in the car and there she was.. begging for more food!!

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