Thursday, August 6, 2009

Gigi update

Gigi had to stay in the hospital all weekend. She was treated with Lasix and oxygen and other medicines.
When we went to visit her Saturday morning she looked horrible. I know she does not have hair, but she does on the top of her nose and it even looked strange. I was terrified, her breathing seemed worse.
Saturday was a bad day...
We went back up at 9:30 PM and her breathing slowed down and she seemed content so I had hope. We went to eat and came back up at 11:30 and she was sleeping behind the glass. As soon as she opened her precious little eyes and saw Blake she jumped up and starting meowing to get to him. We opened the door and she was purring and rubbing all over Blakes face. She gave me some love too and it was the sweetest feeling I have ever had. They wanted her to stay until her cardiologist came in SUnday morning. She was stable and ready to go home around noon on Sunday. She was diagnosed with hypertropic cardiomyopthy causing congestive heart failure.

We took Gigi in yesterday morning to see her cardiologist and she is doing SO much better, She checked her lungs, heart and such and said they sounded a million times better, I haven't slept and I have been babying her and feeding her every 2 hours.
She checked her kidney levels and they were perfect.
Gigi has always had a very yucky and stong upper respiratory infection and her nose is running constant and then dries and she cant breathe through her nose. I clean her nose every 45 minutes and bless her heart, she hates it.
Well, DR Wall checked it and said it was puss so she had an infection. She took a sample to send off and will know the results on Friday but put her on Baytril in the meantime and can switch it to something else if it wont work for her type of infection.
This morning she woke up at 9:00 AM and was watching Blake and I. That is a good sign as she always does that (except usually she bites us on the nose and ears to wake us up and pushes things off the sink and dressers, I miss this terribly)
I got up and gave her breakfast and she ate it all.
I have been feeding her every 2 hours since we brought her home on Sunday and Dr Wall said I need to sleep and get her on her regular eating schedule. I am taking her advice, but am still going to try to feed her at least every 4-5 hours. She will not eat much at once, so I am making sure she is still getting her nutrition by eating every few hours or so. She is only eating wet food, (she eats Wellness which is a grain free and awesome food)
Thank you so much to everyone for your emails and thoughts. Gigi and I both love you all! =)
Heidi and Gigi

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