Monday, August 31, 2009

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Sunday, August 30, 2009



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Saturday, August 29, 2009


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Friday, August 28, 2009


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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

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Monday, August 24, 2009


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Thursday, August 13, 2009


She seems to be improving everyday but Sunday evening when I was feeding her I thought. "She looks weird, almost like her head was a rattle snake shape" So I looked closer and the left side of her face was HUGE! I rushed her to MMvet (again, poor thing) and they thought since she was in Wednesday and had puss coming out of her nose that it was part of the infection. But they were worried because usually infection is mushy and this was as hard as a rock. So they thought maybe a tumor or something. I was so upset, my gosh what else does she have to go through?
I took her back in early Monday morning to see a specialist and they wanted to poke it with a needle. I was a little reluctant because I do not want to do anything to upset her. But they did it and it was the same crap that is coming out of her nose, So they put her on ANOTHER antibiotic. She is on a slew of meds. Baytril, Zithromax, baby aspirin, Enolopril and Atenelol.
It was much better news than a tumor.
I am thinking this is all stemming from her chronic upper respiratory infection.
Well, I have been using a very warm cloth a ton on her cheek and got the hole to open back up . (forgive me, this is gross) But I got a TON of it to come out. I worked on it for 2 hours. I HAVE to get it out, they want to sedate her and I am NOT letting them do that. Not for being in heart failure a week ago. No wayyyy!
It is so thick and drains soooooo slow, but this morning I would say it has gone down 90%
I have been heating it up all day and cannot get it to open back up for the life of me, Blake thinks it is because there is not all of that pressure.
I am hoping the antibiotics kick in quick.
Today was the first day that Gigi was almost normal. Begging for food, meowing and back to her good ol' biscuit making. I have missed my baby!
I think she is going to be ok, I have not left the house (except to go to Culver's to get dinner with Blake and Gigi came with us. We ate in the car and there she was.. begging for more food!!

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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Gigi update

Gigi had to stay in the hospital all weekend. She was treated with Lasix and oxygen and other medicines.
When we went to visit her Saturday morning she looked horrible. I know she does not have hair, but she does on the top of her nose and it even looked strange. I was terrified, her breathing seemed worse.
Saturday was a bad day...
We went back up at 9:30 PM and her breathing slowed down and she seemed content so I had hope. We went to eat and came back up at 11:30 and she was sleeping behind the glass. As soon as she opened her precious little eyes and saw Blake she jumped up and starting meowing to get to him. We opened the door and she was purring and rubbing all over Blakes face. She gave me some love too and it was the sweetest feeling I have ever had. They wanted her to stay until her cardiologist came in SUnday morning. She was stable and ready to go home around noon on Sunday. She was diagnosed with hypertropic cardiomyopthy causing congestive heart failure.

We took Gigi in yesterday morning to see her cardiologist and she is doing SO much better, She checked her lungs, heart and such and said they sounded a million times better, I haven't slept and I have been babying her and feeding her every 2 hours.
She checked her kidney levels and they were perfect.
Gigi has always had a very yucky and stong upper respiratory infection and her nose is running constant and then dries and she cant breathe through her nose. I clean her nose every 45 minutes and bless her heart, she hates it.
Well, DR Wall checked it and said it was puss so she had an infection. She took a sample to send off and will know the results on Friday but put her on Baytril in the meantime and can switch it to something else if it wont work for her type of infection.
This morning she woke up at 9:00 AM and was watching Blake and I. That is a good sign as she always does that (except usually she bites us on the nose and ears to wake us up and pushes things off the sink and dressers, I miss this terribly)
I got up and gave her breakfast and she ate it all.
I have been feeding her every 2 hours since we brought her home on Sunday and Dr Wall said I need to sleep and get her on her regular eating schedule. I am taking her advice, but am still going to try to feed her at least every 4-5 hours. She will not eat much at once, so I am making sure she is still getting her nutrition by eating every few hours or so. She is only eating wet food, (she eats Wellness which is a grain free and awesome food)
Thank you so much to everyone for your emails and thoughts. Gigi and I both love you all! =)
Heidi and Gigi

Saturday, August 1, 2009


Last night around 11 PM I cut the kitties heart pills and called Gigi to come get hers (Harry was right at my feet waiting, they love "medication time" because it means a yummy pill pocket)
When GiGI did not come down I went upstairs to find her and she was in the guest room between two pillows. She got up and happily took the medicine.
I went to the sewing room to get back to work and she followed me in. She climbed in my shirt and was purring extremely loud and making biscuits *she does this on a daily basis* I touched her and noticed her breathing was not right, so I pulled her out of my shirt and looked at her. Her little body was jerking when she would inhale. I carried her into the garage and told Blake to come look at her. He noticed it too so we jumped in the car and headed to Mission MedVet. The ER Dr. took an Xray and Gigi's heart was huge and she had fluid in her lungs.
Gigi and Harry both have heart conditions *Harry has HCM Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy which is much worse than Gigi as she has had an elevated heart rate.
The Dr told me she thought GiGi was in heart failure. WHAT?? HoW? She just had an elevated heart rate and I take her in every year for her echocardiogram.
I told her that couldnt be. I was in a complete panic.
She wanted to keep her overnight on meds and oxygen and would call her cadiologist in the morning for me.
she did and Dr Robin Wall came in early today to see Gigi (the best Dr on the planet, and we are highly lucky and honored to have her as ours)
She called me and told me that she thinks Gigi may be in heart failure but something else may be going on, she thought pneumonia.
So Gigi is staying again tonight and is being treated for both heart failure and pneumonia. Can someone pinch me? I would have never guessed this is a million years.
I think a lot of you know how 'crazy' I am for my cats. There, I admitted it, I am crazy. They are my absolute world and I am so crushed.
Please keep her in your thoughts. I need her to come home to me. She is a tiny little girl at only 6 pounds, but she is tough. I know she is fighting.
I am so blessed to have her as my little one.
And I love her more than words can say.
(the reason you see her mouth open in some photos is because when the photographer would put her under the lights for the shoot, Gigi would stretch and yawn so big. She loves the warmth of the lights.
Kate from Red Feather Photography, thank you for the amazing photos of a true angel.