Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Another secret.....

Sale! Free swarovski crystals on your collar(s) TODAY ONLY!
It is 3:00 PM CST and this sale will last until midnight tonight. =)

No coupon required. Do not add the crystals to your collars, order them plain (as a side release or combo) and then when checking out, put color(s) in the comment box.

If you can not decide on a color, just let us know and we will pick a very cute buckle for you. =)
(the ad shows our Iridescent buckle, but you have many colors to choose from)


patrice said...

Another awesome sale! I think I have to refrain this time, since I just ordered a bunch of stuff.

RedFeather said...

Wow- awesome!

megan mc. said...

Oh bugger!