Wednesday, June 3, 2009

One word.... adorable

I bought these adorable knit sweaters off Etsy for Gary and BeetleJuice. Guess how much? $9.00
I LOVE them! The hat was $5.00, so I think I am going to go back for more. How can I not? =) *She even makes matching hats for each outfit*
Check it out here!


Lucas and Amber Mark said...

Oh my.... lol

Anonymous said...

how cute! which etsy page?

k9closetdotcom said...
Sorry about that! =)

Jax+Puzzle said...

OMG!! I love those! That Fair Isle is so awesome on Gary - the bright colors rock! I can't believe they were that inexpensive!!

Are you happy with the quality?

RedFeather said...

I love love love the look on Beetle Juices face in that third one. Cutest cute cute ever! SO getting hats for the boys. They can wear them when its 110 out right?

k9closetdotcom said...

The quality is amazing, the neckline has pearls hand sewn on it on 2 of the sweaters. I want one of each now, with hats to match of course! =)
And Kate, Aldo would be adorable in a hat, of course Mirabella and Ollie too! =) I am so happy it is summer, until I got these in the mail of course. LOL!
Oh and the shipping time was less than 4 days. WOW!

Patrice said...

LOL - I love them, especially the hat!

k9closetdotcom said...

Thank you so much everyone!
We are having a thunderstorm today and it is 63 *pretty chilly for this time of year* so they will be sporting their favorite sweaters from Dog On Cozy of course!
They are perfect, my favorite part is the chest is covered and the nice longer legs. There is NO way they will get cold. Plus you cant beat the price or quality. (or customer service, lol!)