Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Al Capone

My sister had to rush her Oriental Short hair to the vet yesterday morning. =(
When she woke up he was lethargic and very cold.
The vet said it was viral and his temperature was 94, and not the normal 101.
They gave him a blood transfusion yesterday.

Al LOVES his cat denz, so I thought I should make him another with the smoothie fabric. My sister Beth took it to him this morning and said he climbed right in and purred and "made biscuits" on it! =) Awww... Al!!!
He is doing GREAT today, the vet said he ate this morning and even cleaned himself.
He is still on the IV and they want to keep him until at least Friday to keep him on the fluids and to keep an eye on him.
I love you Al Capone and can't wait to see you come home!
Isn't he precious?


Beth said...

He was in heaven with his snuggle sack AND a heating pad underneath! Thank you sissy, I know Al appreciates it more than anything. He'll give you head butts and purrs when he gets home and is feeling better. :)

RedFeather said...

I am sooo glad to hear he is feeling better. He must really be fighting- thats excellent. Glad to hear hes on the mend and will be home and healthy soon! We will keep him in our thoughts!

A wonderful snuggle sack must have really lifted his spirits. How nice!

Patrice said...

Poor Al, sorry to hear he is sick! But it sounds like he is starting to get better. He is so handsome, and looks like he is loving his new denz.

Jax+Puzzle said...

Poor little guy!! Hope he is feeling better very soon!