Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!

Jan 6. Today is my B-Day! I am now 32. Wow~ I do not feel a day over 17. hahah!

We are going to a nice dinner tonight and then we are going ice skating. I promise to get pictures, this may be interesting.

Harry got the stents and stitches out today. YAY!! I couldn't be more excited, I think he is sharing the excitement as well. The ear looks great, he is just like brand new again. No more E-collar. Hip -Hip Horray for Harry!
Have a great day everyone,

This is a photo of Gigi and Pooter! Sorry for the bad quality, I took it with my cell phone in the kitchen. (I didn't have a camera near) Pooter is 20 years old, doesn't she look fantasic?


Jax+Puzzle said...

Happy Birthday Heidi!! Hope you have a great day!

So glad Harry is feeling better! P and G both look great in your photo - so cute!

Patrice said...

Happy Birthday! I forgot to ask you how the ice skating went... so?

Aww, Gigi and Pooter are so cute together!