Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My apologies!

I am so sorry for the delay in getting the supermodel of the month up. This has been such a crazy weekend here. I was in the Emergency vet with Harry at 4 am Sunday morning, and back again Monday. Today we had to take Tito in for surgery, when it rains in pours! =(
I am trying to get by on zero sleep, but I promise things will be back to normal tomorrow. The little ones are doing better, I will explain more soon.
Orders are still being processed and shipped, I am just terribly slow at emails and the contest, but rest assured, if it is not up tonight, it will be tomorrow.
Give your pets a lot of love from us,
Heidi & gang


RedFeather said...

Hope everyone is ok...don't work yourself to death Heidi- you are only one person, you can only do so much!

patrice said...

Oh no! Hope Harry and Tito are doing okay now! I'm sure everyone will understand about the contest. You need to take care of yourself too, before you end up needing to see the doctor.