Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Today it is 59 degrees in Kansas City, Missouri. CHILLY!
I am off to get some paint chip samples, we are having our painter come by tomorrow to check out the hallway in our house. I am also buying Mums and shrubs for our backyard. What a busy day!
I just had to make a quick note to let you all know that the NEW swarvoski colors are in, and they are fabulous. I now have a new favorite color. It is called "Olivine." I think this new color is a must, and my crew will all be getting new collars with this tonight. =)
Photos will be taken later this evening and I will get them up on the site for you to see. We also have a new color that is "Bronze" and it is so pretty. It even looks cute with the Olivine. Oh, the possibilities are endless....
So many new sparkles are in at k9 closet!

On a side note: SUPERMODEL OF THE MONTH ends today, so get your votes in! If you would like to enter your pet in our contest, please send your photos along with names to customerservice@k9closet.com today! A new contest begins this week!


patrice said...

Cute pic of Betty! I can't wait to see the new crystal colors!

Have fun shopping!

RedFeather said...

Aw I love Betty! She is such a doll!

megan mc. said...

Look at little Biscuit & Izzy in photo of the day! So cute!! Can't wait to see the Olivine and Bronze - those both sound perfect for Penny!